Transparency for Customer Satisfaction and Engagement in Your business

You are an honest, hardworking person. You make everything according to the procedures. And Your customers are delighted with Your service. You like to be transparent and show what You have done during Your service.

How to show the customer the amount of work that You delivered? How to document Your work? Can it be done without additional effort and maybe even in real-time?

Well, there is a solution to that. It’s called Imcado – a system that creates a photo series showing Your work directly to the customer.

It’s simple.  Create an event in Imcado. Then You add Your customer by his email, or he joins by a code set by You. During the service, You add as many photos as You like – the customer sees them immediately. In the end, both of You can use the download all option to get an email with all photos. You can use it as an archive to come back in similar future cases. The customer can use it to tell his friends about a trustworthy service provider that he found – he even got photo documentation of what was done.

Check how easy you can collect photos during 14 days free trial period

Read more about the influence Imcado can have on Your business: How business transparency can lead to customer engagement.

With Imcado:

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