Imcado – It is so simple to start

Imagine that you are organising holidays trip, wedding or any other event.

With Imcado sharing photos between people attending to this event is really simple. You need to install Imcado and login to it by using Google or Facebook. Just after that you will be navigated to your first event. We will create it for you. Of course, you can start adding photos.

To explore the possibilities of application we suggest to invite your friends to this event. Just tap on Imcado logo and select Invite to event. Here you need to provide emails to people that will take part in the same event. Those people will get an email with an invitation to your event. Together with the invitation, they will get information about how they can install Imcado application.

After that, you can come back to your event view and start sharing your photos. You need to select a photo and send it to Imcado. Of course, you can navigate between photos by swiping left or right. Remember that we are focusing on photo sharing part so you should use your favourite app for taking photos.

Finally, you will see the list of all the photos stored in your event. And here is my favourite feature. Everybody can download all photos just by one click. After a while, you will get a link to an archive with all photos to your mailbox.

I encourage you to install Imcado application. I am sure that you will enjoy using it.

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