Events management

Administrative panel

Imcado photo collection system allows you to easily manage your events in the administrative panel. The panel is available at It allows you to view, add and edit your events. From it you can adjust all settings. The availability of some features depends on the chosen plan.

Events management dashboard

The dashboard allows you to see the plan of our upcoming events. You will find there information about all our events. From it, you can manage events and download all available photos. Additionally, the nearest event will be indicated.

Working with the event

The event management is divided into 4 segments: details, participants, photos and moderation.

Event details

This screen allows you to configure all options related to your event. Depending on the selected plan, some options may not be available.

Event configuration

The essential stage is the configuration of the event and in particular its name and date.

Imcado - Join By Code

Event access code

Here you set up an access code so that people who were not invited by email can join the event by entering this code in the application. By default, this code is generated randomly when the event is created. You can change it so that it is related to the event and your brand.


You can also upload a logo to replace the Imcado logo during the slideshow. Additionally, if you enable the "Include logo in photos" option, this logo will be placed on the photos. Then each time when somebody will use the picture, it will always contain your logo.

Imcado - Pokaz slajdów


Jeśli tylko chcesz może wgrać logo, które zastąpi logo Imcado w trakcie pokazu slajdów. Dodatkowo jeśli włączysz opcję „Dodaj logo do zdjęć”, to właśnie to logo zostanie na nich umieszczone. Dzięki temu, jeśli ktoś będzie chciał wykorzystać zebrane zdjęcia, to zawsze pojawią się one z Twoim logo.

Nice slideshow code

Similar like “access code”, the link to the slideshow can also be customized to your requirements and replace the default URL with a personalized version.

Custom marketing consent

The Imcado system allows you to set up your own marketing consent text before subscribing to each of your events if required. Only users who accept the consent will then be able to join the event.

Own slides

Imcado allows you to add your marketing slides to each event. They will appear at the beginning of the slideshow. These can be information about the event, instructions on how to sign to an event, or an incentive to share photos. In addition, by enabling the “Use own slides on App”, the slides will be visible in the mobile application, always before the participants' photos.

Management of participants

In addition to the option to subscribe to the event using the code in Imcado, you can also invite participants to the event by email. This is possible in the “Participants” tab. Invited participants will get an email with information about how to install Imcado. By adding a participant, you can give him/her administrative permission to the event by checking the “Owner” option. You can invite participants to the event one by one or as a group by using the CSV file import functionality.

Export of participants contact details

After the event, it is possible to export the contact details of all participants to a CSV file.

Browsing pictures

The “Photos” tab allows you to view all the photos that have been added to the event.

Uploading pictures from the DSLR camera

Event owners can easily add photos taken by professional photographers as a single import to an event from the “Photos” tab.

Download all images

In the “Photos” tab, there is also an option to download all sent to the event photos. There are two options for downloading photos - source photos and photos with embedded logos if this option is selected.

Photos moderation

Enabling this functionality changes the way Imcado works. By default, this option is disabled and all the photos are available to all participants of the event. Turning it on will change the way Imcado works. First, you will need to moderate the pictures before distribution to all participants. Acceptance is possible on the Moderation tab. There you can delete photos also.

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