Collect all the photos from Your wedding day

Imagine the most important day in your life. You have planned with your beloved one everything down to the smallest detail. You chose the place, wedding costumes, pretty vivid flowers and beautiful decoration. You invited guests. You ordered a photographer.

You are enjoying the moment during the celebration. People are taking thousands of photos of the best moments of your wedding.

After the wedding, you are asking guests to send photos from the great event. You get them from just a few people and through Whatsapp, Facebook or similar – the pictures are poor quality. You are not able to print it. And when you ask your guests to send photos in full resolution, no one wants to send them per mail – we understand – it’s not convenient. 

Is there a more straightforward way? Such that is easy to use and encourages guests to send photos?

Sure – it’s called Imcado. 

Check how easy you can collect photos during 14 days free trial period

Before the wedding, prepare a TV or projector to display live-streamed photos from the wedding. Inform wedding guests about using the Imcado application. You can invite them by email or by using a code for your wedding that you can share with everybody. During the wedding, people can take photos with their phones with their favourite app. And then they send the best photos using Imcado. After a moment these shots will appear on the live slide show and are secured in Imcado.

After the wedding, you don’t have to worry about collecting photos. Imcado will keep them all in original quality. You can download them all with one click. Guests also have this opportunity – after all, thanks to them you have captured many beautiful moments. Moreover, the photographer can also add photos to Imcado using the administration panel.

With Imcado:

Available now. Get in there and live it up!

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