Imcado – How to collect all photos from your event?

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Case study – Automatic watch repair documentation

This is my automatic watch – it has a mechanism that does not require power – it is driven automatically by the movement of the person wearing it. The watches represent the greatest craftsmanship of human mechanics. Unfortunately, like any … Read More

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Transparency for Customer Satisfaction and Engagement in Your business

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Collect all the photos from Your wedding day

Imagine the most important day in your life. You have planned with your beloved one everything down to the smallest detail. You chose the place, wedding costumes, pretty vivid flowers and beautiful decoration. You invited guests. You ordered a photographer. … Read More

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Imcado – It is so simple to start

Imagine that you are organising holidays trip, wedding or any other event. With Imcado sharing photos between people attending to this event is really simple. You need to install Imcado and login to it by using Google or Facebook. Just … Read More

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Imcado – Our story

We want to introduce you Imcado. Our application which allows gathering photos from different events in an easy way. I think that not only we have some issues with getting all photos from different events, like holidays, parties, conferences, weddings … Read More

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