Case study – Automatic watch repair documentation

This is my automatic watch – it has a mechanism that does not require power – it is driven automatically by the movement of the person wearing it. The watches represent the greatest craftsmanship of human mechanics. Unfortunately, like any other machine, they require repair and adjustment. My watch was wrong by about 15 seconds per day.

The time has come for a proven watch service – I chose a family company with a long tradition – Dolinski Watch Service. After five days, I received an email from the service with pictures of the repair. You can see all the steps taken:

The watch was taken apart

  • The small parts

  • The heart

  • The wheels

  • The frame

All components took a cleaning bath

The reassembled watch was adjusted with special equipment

It’s interesting to see the whole process in pictures. I like the transparency of the service – sending emails with photos is a step in the right direction.

The question is whether it cannot be done better? How to improve the experience of a client who is waiting for the service?

Use Imcado to communicate with customers. What does this give You?

  • You can add the photos You take to the “Certina DS 1 Watch Repair” event on an ongoing basis.
  • The customer will see them immediately.
  • Photos will be sent in full resolution.
  • At the end of the repair, you can receive all the photos by email with one click. The service has automatic documentation and the customer can be sure that everything has been done according to good practice – he can boast about the service and recommend it to his friends.
Check how easy you can collect photos during 14 days free trial period

With Imcado:

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