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Changing the way of collecting photos

Imcado application helps you with managing photos from any event (e. g. conference, team building, wedding, city trip, ...). It has never been easier! Just create an event. Invite participants, friends or family and start collecting pictures. And after it, everybody will be able to get all pictures by one click.

It has never been so easy

With Imcado, you will never lose any photo from your event. Moreover, you will be able to download all the photos in full resolution at any time you want.

Easy to use Administration Panel

It allows you to control your event in a more sophisticated way – add branding, custom marketing consent, moderate photos, setup own invitation code and many more.

Quality matters!

Forget about applications that will reduce the quality of your photographies each time when uploading them. In Imcado, we always put quality in the first place.

We already supported

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Show live photos feed at your event on every screen or projector and engage your participants to upload more photos.

Unlimited number of photos

Use Imcado without any limits. Upload as many images as you want and invite as many people as you wish. Let your imagination run wild!

Perfection in one dimension

We would like to deliver an almost perfect experience of gathering photos and memories. That is why we encourage you to take pictures by your favourite app and use Imcado application only for uploading your selected photos.

It cannot be simpler!!!!

Effortless to use

Manage your events in only a few taps.

Extraordinary quality

Upload and download photos always in their original high-quality resolution.


Only people invited to the event can upload and browse photos.

Live slideshow

Share photos in real-time with all events attendees.


Application is so simple that everybody will be able to use it without your help.

You are essential for us

Each time when you see that we could do something better, please let us know. We will do it.

Available now. Get in there and live it up!

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